Luoyang Jianlong has different types of molecular sieve specially designed for removing impurities from hydrocarbon streams in refinery factories, the following is a brief introduction of molecular sieves application in refining:

1. Dehydration of Hydrocarbon Gas or Liquid (No Olefins Present)-4A
2. Dehydration of Hydrocarbon Gas or Liquid (With Olefins Present)-3A
3. Isomerization Processes, Feedstock Purification-13X
4. LPG Desulfurization-5A/13X
5. Butane Destenching-13X
6. MTBE / TAME-13X
7. Reformer Applications-4A
8. FCC Off Gas Dehydration-3A

Luoyang Jianlong molecular sieve for refinery industry is specially designed, please contact us before ordering.


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