Oxygen Sieve JLOX-300

JLOX-300 is a new generation molecular sieve specially designed for Cryogenic Air Separation. It is a equivalent to UOP APG-III and has many advantages over 13X-APG.

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1. JLOX-300 and 13X-APG isotherm pilot:

From the above data, 250mm Hg, JLOX-300 and 13X-APG have little difference. However, 2.2mm Hg, the static adsorption capacity of JLOX-300 is 1.78 times more than 13X-APG. In dynamic condition, 450ppm CO, pressure 7kg/cm3 (about 2.317mm Hg), JLOX-300 adsorption capacity is about 1.75 times more than 13X-APG. So, only in low partial pressure can JLOX-300 play its best performance.


2. Advantages:

1. JLOX-300 can replace 13X-APG in old cryogenic air separation unit without changing equipment design

2. Smaller column with JLOX-300 can reach the same air processing capacity

3. Enlarging air processing capacity when using same amount of 13X-APG

4. Energy Saving: For it can help extending adsorption column transfer time from general 4h to 6h (min), transfer time reduced from regular 6 times/d to 4 times/d, saving great amount of energy especially in electrical heating system

5. Strengthen the equipment stability for reduced transfer time

6. Facilitating examine and repair the equipment without equipment stopping work

7. Increase the molecular sieve life span for reduced regenerative time


More Detailes:

1. Synonym: Cryogenic air separation unit, UOP APG-III, molecular sieve 13X-APG

2. CAS NO.: 1318-02-1


Molecular sieve JLOX-300 is used in cryogenic air separation pre-purification unit


Keep molecular sieve JLOX-300 is stored in an air tight container until ready for use to avoid unintended moisture adsorption. Avoid direct sunlight!

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Molecular Sieve JLOX-300 Specification
Property Unit JLOX-300 JLOX-305
Diameter mesh 8X12 4X8
Static H2O Adsorption %wt ≥30.00 ≥30.00
Static CO2 Adsorption %wt ≥6.00 ≥6.00
Crush Strength N ≥30.00 ≥70.00
Bulk Density g/ml ≥0.62 ≥0.62
Loss on Ignition %wt ≤1.00 ≤1.00
Loss on Attrition %wt ≤0.30 ≤0.30

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