Medical & Industrial Oxygen Concentrator


In PSA/VPSA system, molecular sieve is the key material to adsorb nitrogen other than oxygen. After nitrogen is sieved, oxygen is concentrated. Oxygen enrichment molecular sieves used in PSA/VPSA system should have good N2/O2 selectivity, good crush strength and low loss on attrition. Luoyang Jianlong developed oxygen enrichment since 2010. The products have tested in market for several years and won good reputation.Cryogenic air separation and PSA/VPSA are two main methods for oxygen production. Cryogenic air separation method is energy consuming and hard to maintain, while PSA/VPSA method has such advantages. In hospitals or factories that just need oxygen of not large amount, PSA/VPSA method is cost-effective for such clients. The indicative optimal supply solutions are shown below: 
We have several series molecular sieves specially designed for different use:

Medical Oxygen Concentrators
1. JLOX-101 and JLOX-501 for small, potable oxygen concentrators
2. JLOX-500 for hospital oxygen concentrators of PSA system

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