JLH-05 is activated molecular sieve 5A powder. Molecular sieve powder 5A designed as moisture scavenger in painting, coating, polyurethane industry. Molecular sieve powder 5A has high water adsorption capaicty. Molecular sieve powder 5A can adsorb molecul

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Molecular sieve powder 5A can adsorb molecules with critical diameter less than 5 angstroms. It is recommended to add 2.5-5.0% molecular sieve powder JLH-05 by weight. Since JLH-05 powder adsorb about 20 wt% of water, the amount of molecular sieve needed is easy to calculate. Therefore, it is safer to work with an excess of zeolite powder.


1. Painting and coating additive as moisture scavenger

2. Sealants and adhesives additive as moisture scavenger

3. Pigment and solvent drying additive as moisture scavenger

4. Insulating glass manufacture additive as moisture scavenger

5. Dehydration of polyurethane polymer additive as moisture scavenger


Keep molecular sieve powder JLH-05 is stored in an air tight container until ready for use to avoid unintended moisture adsorption.


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Molecular Sieve Powder JLH-05
Property Unit JLH-05-A
Static H2O Adsorption wt% ≥26.00
Moisture Content wt% ≤2.00
Screen Residual wt% ≤1.00
PH Value ~ ≤11.00


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