Insulating Glass


An insulated glass unit is composed of two glass lites at least. These are separated by a space filled with air or a special gas (argon, krypton, SF6, etc.). The lites are supported and separated by a spacer and then sealed. Water from the air and solvents from the sealant can be trapped inside the unit. Water can also penetrate through the sealant during the life of the insulated glass unit. Both phenomena lead to fogging (water or solvent condensation on glass lite).

Molecular sieve JLIG-2000 and JLIG-4000 can deeply co-adsorb the resident moisture and organics in insulating glass, keep the insulating glass clear and transparent even at very low temperature.

More importantly, it can successfully avoid the tremendous air pressure unbalancely placed on the glasses, which was superposed by seasons fo day-night temperature changing and ensuring air desorption and adsorption function of common insulating glass desiccant. Thus it resolves the problems of windows distortion caused by insulating glass inflation and shrink, expanded the life span of insulating glass windows.

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