1986 - Sodium Silicate factory was founded

2002 - 1st Zeolite powder production line was successfully put into production with the capacity of 2000 MT per year

2004 - Won “ISO9001:2000” certificate

2005 - Zeolite powder is expanded with the capacity of 20,000 MT per year

         - 1st molecular sieve production line was constructed

2006 - “Molecular Sieve Engineering and Technology Research Center” was founded in Luoyang Jianlong

2008 - Awarded as “National Hi-Tech Enterprise”

2010 - Oxygen enrichment molecular sieve production line put into operation

2014 - 2st phase of "Luoyang Jianlong Adsorbent Material Park" was completed with the capacity of

          - Zeolite Powder- 40,000 MT per year

          - Molecular Sieve-15,000 MT per year

         - Molecular Sieve Powder-2,000 MT per year

2015 - "The first listed company in China molecular sieve industry", Stock Code: 833540, Stock Name:建龙微纳