Oxygen Sieve JLOX-500

JLOX-500 and JLOX-501 oxygen enrichment molecular sieve are new X type molecular sieve specialized in PSA oxygen generator plant for oxygen producing with high N2 adsorption capacity and N2/O2 selectivity.

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JLOX-500 and JLOX-501 molecular sieve are mainly used in PSA oxygen generator for generation of high purity oxygen with the advantages of faster adsorption rate, higher oxygen production rate and longer use life. They are the substitute of 5A (CaA) type molecular sieve. Normally, JLOX-501 is designed for portable oxygen generator 1-5L/Min, JLOX-500 is designed for industrial oxygen plant, oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%.


1. JLOX-500 Industrial sieve beds used for industrial oxygen concentrator in Waste water treatment field.

2. JLOX-500 Sieve beds used for oxygen concentrator in Aquaculture field for fish farming.

3. JLOX-501 Sieve bed for oxygen concentrator 1-5L/Min in medical oxygen market.

4. Oxygen concentrator sieve bed material for ozone production filed.

25kg/drum with inner aluminum foil bag, 125 kg/drum with inner aluminum foil bag


This oxygen concentrator sieve bed material is packed in aluminum bags and sealed in 25 kg air-tight drums. Lithium molecular sieve is very sensitive to moisture, please do not open before using. Storage temperature range: -10 ~ 45℃. Avoid direct sunlight!

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Molecular Sieve JLOX-500 and JLOX-501 Specification
Property Unit JLOX-500 JLOX-501
  8X12 20X50
N2 Adsorption Capacity ml/g ≥8.00 ≥8.00
N2/O2 Selectivity ~ ≥3.000 ≥3.0
Bulk Density g/ml ≥0.62 ≥0.62
Losson Ignition %wt ≤1.00 ≤1.00
Crush strength N 25±3 ~

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