Do you want to know the process of Pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production?

Pressure swing adsorptionPSA hydrogen production uses adsorbents with selective adsorption characteristics, and adsorbents have differences in adsorption capacity, adsorption speed, and adsorption capacity for different gases. Pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production uses the characteristics of adsorbents to achieve Gas separated. In addition, the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent changes with the pressure of the adsorbent. When the adsorbent is pressurized, the adsorbent can perform the adsorption and separation process of the mixed gas, and when the adsorbent is depressurized, It can desorb the adsorbed impurity gas and has adsorption capacity again, so that the adsorbent can continuously adsorb and desorb to realize a continuous working process.

JLPH5 molecular sieve is mainly used for pressure swing adsorption hydrogen productio. JLPH5 molecular sieve is a calcium-sodium aluminosilicate crystal material with a developed three-dimensional pore structure, the diameter of the crystal pore is 0.5nm.

JLPH5 molecular sieve has the characteristics of large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and desorption rate, and high mechanical strength, which is beneficial to the long-term stable operation of customer equipment or products.