JLAB-Air Break System

Molecular sieve JLAB is specially designed for air break system.

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  • Product Description
  • Technical Specification

JL-AB Air Break Desiccant is used specially for desiccation of air-actuated braking systems in cars, trucks, train and ship. JL-AB possesses the high strength and H2O adsorption capacity, the low dust contamination and attrition resistance required withstanding high vibration.

Technical Specification 
Property Unit JLAB
Diameter mm  1.6-2.5
Static Water Adsorption wt% ≥20
Bulk Density g/ml ≥0.70
Loss on Ignition wt% ≤1.50
Crush Strength N ≥40
Particle Ratio % ≥97

EC NO.: 215-283-8 
REACH: 01- 2119429034- 49- XXXX
Type Carton Drum Super sack
Bead 25 kg / 55 lb 150 kg / 330 lb 1000kg / 2200 lb

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