Luoyang Jianlong Top 10 Events in 2015


Luoyang Jianlong worked hard and achieved great results in 2015. The following 10 events is what we have done in the passed year:
1. April 15th-April 17th Organized "2nd China Oxygen Production by Molecular Sieve Summit" in Luoyang

2. May 8th-Luoyang Jianlong Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Changed into Luoyang Jianlong Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd.

3. July 10th-Organized "Oxygen Production by Cryogenic Air Separation using JLOX-300 Promotion Meeting" in Inner Mongolia

4. Aug. 9th-Molecular Sieve LiLSX won “2nd Prize Awarded by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province

5. Oct. 8th-Won ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, QHSAS18001:2007 Certificate.

6. Oct.-Second Phrase of Luoyang Jianlong Adsorbent Material Industrial Park was Successfully Put into Production.

7. Oct.-Luoyang Jianlong was Listed on "Scientific Enterprise Cultivation Plan of Henan Province"
8. Nov.-Luoyang Jianlong Become "the first listed company in China molecular sieve industry"

9. Dec. 18th-Won “Quality Prize of Luoyang Mayor
10. Dec. 30th-JLOX-300 Passed “Science and Technology Department of Henan Province” Achievement Evaluation.