Luoyang Jianlong New Molecular Sieve Production Line Begin to Work

Luoyang Jianlong’s new molecular sieve production line goes into production, which greatly increase the production capacity of molecular sieve, and meet customers short lead-time. Now Jianlong has the molecular sieve capacity of 15,000 MT/year.

Our molecular sieve products including:
1. 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X for gas dehydration and purification;
2. JLOX-100 series, JLOX-500 series for PSA and VPSA, potable oxygen concentrator medical&industrial oxygen concentrator;
3. High perofrmane JLOX-300 series, equivalent to UOP APG-III, for replacing 13X-APG in cryogenic air separation industry;
4. Binderless 5A for hydrogen purification;
5. Some specialty molecuclar sieve designed for ethanol dehydration, insulating glass, natural gas dehydration&purification, refining industry, etc.

All our molecular sieve products is made from our own zeolite powder. Luoyang Jianlong is the only company who can not only produce molecular sieve, but also the raw material of synthetic zeolite powder. We can control the product quality from its first step.